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My break from YouTube and my plans for the future

We all get overwhelmed at times. That’s the main reason why I needed a break from Youtube. I have a bad habit of constantly coming up with new projects and ideas, but I rarely find it in me to follow through until they’re finished. I keep going until I’m exhausted and then I give up. This website is the perfect example: I poured my energy and time into building and maintaining this website, just to get overwhelmed and abandon it.

This website, as well as my YouTube channel, are passion projects, and I’m not ready to abandon them. That’s why I decided to take a break to work on my pending projects, the new studio being the biggest one. When I return, the website and the channel will look more like my initial idea (but better, if I may say so myself).

Please watch the video below for the full story, and please don’t take my break from YouTube as a goodbye! I’ll be back and it will be great 🙂

I need a break from YouTube

Here are some recipes you may enjoy meanwhile:

I took a break from YouTube, but I’m coming back! You can subscribe below 🙂

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I share my ovo lacto vegetarian recipes and my experiences traveling as a vegetarian. Also, I will probably try to show you my cats (sorry about that)! If you’re vegetarian, or curious about vegetarian food, consider subscribing.


Hi, I’m Sofia!

I love vegetarian food and traveling. Also, cats. Mostly cats. I hope you enjoy my recipes!

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