Today we’re going on a road trip to Picos de Europa, in northern Spain. It is a beautiful place, with the most amazing views, and the cutest animals. If you like hiking, this is the place for you!

Here are some of the places we visited:

  • Covadonga
  • Covadonga Lakes Enol & Ercina
  • Bulnes| Naranjo de Bulnes
  • Ruta del Cares


The first place we visited was Covadonga, where we saw the Santa Cueva, which is a little chapel built in a cave in the mountain, house to la Santina.

We also visited the basilica, and its impressive green surroundings.

As traffic was restricted, we took the bus to the lakes. Of all the trails we hiked, this was the easiest and most family friendly. The views were absolutely breath taking.


To get to Bulnes we took the funicular from Poncebos, which, considering the amount of walking we did that day, was a genius idea, although an expensive one.

From Bulnes, we made our way up the trail, to see the Naranjo de Bulnes.


Our last trail was the Ruta del Cares, which follows Cares River for 12 kilometers, from Poncebos to Cain (and back, so, 24 kilometers in total).

I took with me some new vegetarian snacks, and also some old friends! I chose snacks that packed a lot of energy, but were also mostly lightweight, as you do need to carry them in your backpack. Check them out in the video below!

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